Most HENSLIN rugs can endure high traffic spaces due to their overall lower piles.  So when it comes to styling your rug, there are no set rules.  However, if truly trying to preserve a rug's current condition, it is recommended placing it in an area that may get less foot traffic or in a space that endures minimal entertaining.   For a more non-traditional display, fold the rug across a bed similar to a throw or hang as an alternative headboard.



In addition to being professionally cleaned every 1-2 years, gently vacuum your rug on a regular basis with a low or wood floor setting to pick up any unsettled dirt or pet hair.







Properly remove a spill using a towel to press firmly into the spot followed by cleansing the affected area with water only.  Prior to rolling back out, hang the rug to fully dry in order to eliminate any risk of mold.


Due to the age and often made of 100% wool, it is not uncommon to detect a slight smell from your rug even after being professional cleaned.  To assist with any lingering odors, periodically hang your rug outside for fresh air.


Alongside increasing home safety, rug pads also serve as protective cushion and help extend a rug's overall longevity.  To reduce excess pulling or slipping risks, layer a pad between the floor surface and the rug itself.